A digital renaissance

2020 Season

Music first and foremost! The Orchestre de la francophonie is pursuing its mission to provide high-level coaching to young classical music professionals by adapting to the reality of COVID 19. The academy is launching a digital transformation initiative to deliver its 2020 season: online face-to-face or group training sessions, recitals for the public, masterclasses and online conferences are all on the program for summer 2020.

Today’s video

Music first and foremost! Jean-Philippe Tremblay, Conductor and artistic director welcomes you to the 2020 season of the Orchestre de la francophonie: a digitial transformation.


  • On technology, distance education and music
    In this first edition of our new 2020 season video series, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to a great friend and contributor to the OF program. He’s one of the foremost music teachers I know, and he has been the director of pedagogy at OF from its inception: Douglas “Pace” Sturdevant.
  • OF recording now available to stream online
    In early June 2020, the Orchestre de la Francophonie will present its most recent recording, completed at the end of the 2019 Academy. Recorded in Oscar Peterson Concert Hall in Montreal, between August 5 and 8, 2019, the album of orchestral pieces by Airat Ichmouratov has made Jean-Philippe Tremblay brim with pride.
  • Orchestras in the COVID-19 crisis — a new paradigm
    Who said bad news comes in threes? Though COVID-19 has disrupted many organizations, it quickly became clear to Jean-Philippe Tremblay, artistic director of the OF, conductor and gifted instructor, that the situation presented an opportunity to revitalize his teaching and the entire pedagogical approach of the Academy.

June 1 juin! … Ichmouratov; Overtures/Symphony
UPC Code: 095115217221
Composer: Airat Ichmouratov
Orchestre de la Francophonie
Conductor: Jean-Philippe Tremblay
Producer: Philippe Bouvrette
Venue: Oscar Peterson Hall, Montreal, Canada
Date: 5-8 August 2019
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Dans 8 jours, l’OF participe au Busan Maru International Music Festival en Corée du sud!! Une merveilleuse opportunité pour nous et nos musiciens ✨