A digital Da capo

2021 Season

Da capo! Following the success of its first fully-digital season in response to COVID-19 constraints, the Orchestre de la francophonie will produce a second digital academy for its 2021 season including individual classes, recitals, digital projects, masterclasses and special guest presentations. For this — the OF’s 20th season — the academy will continue to provide the highest-level training to students and recent graduates of respected institutions to help prepare them for the real world challenges facing the professional orchestral musician. Except for one-on-one classes, the general public is invited to attend all 2021 activities which will be streamed — many live — on the OF’s YouTube Channel. See programming listed here on July 1.

Welcome to Orchestre de la francophonie 2021

Jean-Philippe Tremblay, artistic director, welcomes you to Orchestre de la francophonie’s 2021 online season — the ‘Da Capo!’ edition of this global music summer programme.

Events and videos


  • The Orchestre de la Francophonie is opening its 2021 season
    In no less than a few days, starting July 6, impressively 37 young musicians from all over the world will connect their talents and their learning desires to the OF’s virtual classes for 45 consecutive days of learning, activities and sharing. The academy will even welcome a student from Iran for the first time! On the program: individual instrument classes, a wide repertoire of orchestral traits and audition rehearsals. More, everything musicians need to prepare […]
  • 2021 season of the Orchestre de la francophonie: Under the sign of accessibility and exchange
    Over 100 free online activities from July 6th to August 15th
  • Auditions for the Orchestre de la francophonie’s 2021 season
    Montreal, Tuesday November 17, 2020 – Following the success of the first 100% digital academy and in the context of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Orchestre de la francophonie (OF), under the artistic direction of Jean-Philippe Tremblay, announces today the opening of its 2021 summer season’s auditions. All positions – strings, woodwinds, horns, trumpets, trombones and percussion are open.
  • Gramophone reviews latest OF recording
    The Orchestre de la francophonie under Jean-Philippe Tremblay perform it and the overtures more than capably, and with affection. Excellent sound, as usual.
  • An overview of orchestral sound in the 20th century
    Jean-Jacques Van Vlasselaer has a double career as an academic (Carleton University 1970-2011 and the University of Waterloo since 2011) and as a music critic and writer (Le Matin 1962-1968 ; Le Droit 1972- 2015). He has recorded as yet more than 80 podcasts for the NAC. He has written more than 3500 articles on music at concerts and about 80 academic articles.

Le lundi 12 juillet, l’Orchestre de la francophonie avait eu la troisième classe de maître de la saison avec l’invité de marque Kerson Leong. C’était une classe dynamique et vous pouvez la visionner ici : https://youtu.be/iHQBrpEyg44

Voici ce que nos étudiants ont penser de la classe :

James Watson (Violin): It was a pleasure to be able to play for Kerson again this year, I had the opportunity to participate in the same masterclass last year with him. This year I decided to show the same piece to several of l’orchestres faculty. I showed it to Jean-Philippe Trembley, and Hellene Colerette who both had helpful advice but Kerson Leong talked about getting in touch with the bow hand, which seems to be the theme of this week. Something that Robert Uchida pointed out to me in our allotted lesson earlier this week is that there are violinists who think first of the notes and the left hand and those who think first of the bow and the right hand. Kerson Leong helped give me more insight into what it meant to be bow-hand oriented and how to explore it with this masterclass, where Kerson Leong talked almost entirely about the nuances of the bow hand. Appreciate that Kerson Leong is a patient an encouraging individual.

L’Orchestre de la Francophonie veut remercier chaleureusement nos commanditaires. / The Orchestre de le Francophonie would like to thank our sponsors.

En ce début de saison 2021, L'Orchestre de la Francophonie veux remercier chaleureusement nos commanditaires. / As we kick off the 2021 season, the Orchestre de la Francophonie would like to take a moment to thank our sponsors.

Prenez une pause et profitez d’un extrait du récital de Lorenzo Titolo Duchini en Italy! La vidéo complète ce trouve sur notre page YouTube // Take a break and enjoy a clip from Lorenzo Titolo Duchini’s recital in Italy! Find the full video on our YouTube page #pause #violin #orchestre #breathe

Prenez un moment de relaxation! Visitez le lien pour visionner le récital de Matthieu Deveau pendant la saison 2020 de l’OF! //Take a moment of relaxation! Follow the link to watch Matthieu Deveau’s recital during the 2020 season of OF! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Io1Y7qIC24Y&list=PL5ZLqlTLSHXUIjcifKAn2FD0qAXfOYECv&index=2 #musique #violon #relax #orchestre