The Orchestre de la Francophonie is opening its 2021 season

In no less than a few days, starting July 6, impressively 37 young musicians from all over the world will connect their talents and their learning desires to the OF’s virtual classes for 45 consecutive days of learning, activities and sharing. The academy will even welcome a student from Iran for the first time! On the program: individual instrument classes, a wide repertoire of orchestral traits and audition rehearsals. More, everything musicians need to prepare themselves properly, technically, psychologically and mentally, for auditions as well as for their orchestral and professional life.

The student’s selection this year includes no less than 9 nationalities from multiple regions of the world. In fact, 19 musicians come from various parts of Canada, 7 from France, 1 from Colombia, 1 from Belgium, 1 from England, 1 from Italy, 1 from Iran and not forgetting that 7 other students are American. Meet them here, in one click. Youth and talents combined!

A productive mission

Since its creation 20 years ago, the Orchestre de la Francophonie has received, from all over the world, no less than 1,600 musicians. The majority holds or have held a position in a major orchestra in Canada, North America or elsewhere in the world. These talented young adults have given a total of 352 concerts in Canada, 14 in China, 12 in the United States, 6 in South Korea. Twenty-one of them were recorded by Radio-Canada for broadcast here, or abroad, on its affiliated channels. Not to mention a total of 9 remarkable sound recordings whose critics have mostly received nothing but praise, sold in around thirty countries around the world under labels such as Analekta, Chandos or Studio OF. Among these various learning situations, more than 165 composers from all eras have been performed by the OF and alongside more than a hundred renowned soloists, and 60 works by young Quebec and Canadian composers have been commissioned and premiered. Phew, at this rate, 20 years go by quickly!

More than 100 online activities, free, accessible to all – from July 6 to August 15

At the same time as the young musicians, all music lovers will be able to follow a wide variety of events free of charge, some of them live: recitals and digital projects by musicians, master classes, presentations with distinguished guests and conversations with Jean-Philippe Tremblay and experts. A new season merging with the general public for 2021! 5 different components, 3 of which will be broadcast live.

Recital of musicians

Each musician will offer a 30-minute recital, for a total of 35 recitals. Subscribe to get notifications on the OF’s Facebook page.

Masterclasses (live)

Students benefit from high-quality masterclasses from industry leaders: Kerson Leong, Joanna G’froerer, Joel Quarrington, Kimball Sykes, Douglas Payson, Sturdevant and Jean-Philippe Tremblay.

This 90-minute series of conversations, hosted by Jean-Philippe Tremblay, welcome major players from the classical music scene, offering fascinating discussions about key subjects.

Distinguished guests (live)

For this portion, students and the general public have access to various experts’ knowledge on unusual questions. A world of wisdom and expertise!

OF is made possible through funding from the Department of Canadian Heritage as well as generous support from, among others, Canimex, RBC Foundation and Panorama Media.

SOURCE : L’Orchestre de la francophonie


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